Science fiction once belonged to the genre of imaginative literature. Today’s media, in search of intellectual thrills, has encouraged serious people with technological knowledge, industrial intentions and the money to support them to create our first “science factions”. Some men of our civilization (and not women), devoid of irony andRead More →

Following a significant development proposed for the northeast urban area of ​​Huntsville, the time it took for the City of Huntsville and the District of Muskoka to render a decision on the development applications for a property of 40.1 hectares (99,089 acres) at 174 Earls Road. has made its wayRead More →

By Dr Evaggelos Vallianatos In early December 2020, the Greek parliament approved a law for the export of antiquities, including entire museum collections, to museums, institutions and possibly foreign individuals. Export-Sell the treasures of Greek civilization Thanks for reading Hellenic News of America The law would allow these precious GreekRead More →