[ad_1] Archaeologists have found more than 15 mega-monumental temples and 200 obelisks at Göbeklitepe, which is described as the starting point of history by historians. On Monday, the Department of Archeology at Harran University and Chairman of the Regional Committee for the Conservation of Cultural Properties of Åžanlıurfa, Dr MehmetRead More →

[ad_1] mGardens grows hydroponic leafy greens in rural Kansas and markets them to local grocery stores, restaurants, and a farmers market. While much of the country’s domestic hydroponic food production is done by growers located near large urban areas, mGardens in Gorham, Kan., Is reversing the trend. Tom Murphy, whoRead More →

[ad_1] July 06, 2018 – The Municipality of Bijelo Polje recognized successful people who represent not only their hometown, but the entire state at international events. The President of the Municipality of Bijelo Polje, Petar Smolović, had the honor to welcome two successful women from Bijelo Polje: the winner ofRead More →

If you live in Northeast New Jersey, you’ve probably seen the Urban Area Safety Initiative (UASI) region’s television, internet and outdoor advertising campaign designed for the region. Emergency management programs in this area benefit from funding from the NJ Department of Homeland Security dedicated to the unique planning, organizing, equipping,Read More →